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Lasercoin is a digital decentralised payment unit based on the Ethereum blockchain. The LZR Coin makes it possible to receive and send money worldwide with low transaction fees. Lasercoin is now available for purchase and can be traded on various exchanges.

Lasercoin Pre Sale Going On

to find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts everyday

First Phase of Lasercoin sale ends in December 2020.

Pre Sale III
Pre Sale 928.423 Lasercoin
Pre Sale II
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Benefits of Lasercoin

Means of payment

Lasercoin can easily be used as a means of payment in various online shops and on gaming portals. Payment is safe, quick and transparent. The Lasercoin LTD, already has many contractual partners at this moment and the number is increasing every day.


Lasercoin can now be traded for hundreds of other coins on various trading platforms. Lasercoin is currently listed on saturn.network and uniswap. Many more cryptocurrency exchanges follow us.

Money Transfer

Lasercoin can be sent and received inexpensively all over the world. The Trustwallet or Lasercoin Wallet can be used for sending or receiving. In addition, Lasercoin can be bought and sold at ATMs in over 20 countries in the near future.


Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve that

Why Lasercoin

to find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts everyday


For the safety of your Lasercoin, you can use Trust Wallet App. Trust Wallet is one of the famous and safest crypto wallet in the world.

Our own Laser Wallet App is coming soon.


With Lasercoin you can:

  • 1. Send/Receive LZR worldwide with Wallet
  • 2. Send/Receive LZR worldwide with ATM
  • 3. Pay at online shops with LZR
  • 4. Trade LZR for other cryptocurrencies

You can always buy your Lasercoin easily by paying with cryptocurrencies like ETH and BTC.

Pre Sales

In the next 3 pre-sale phases you have the unique opportunity to buy Lasercoin at very low prices. We therefore recommend all investors to buy Lasercoin directly via our ICO pages during sales time.

Initial Coin Offering

The term ICO refers to an IPO in which so-called tokens are sold instead of company shares. ICOs are most often based on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors buy tokens with an ICO, something like digital coupons with which the respective project is financed.


Trading lasercoin via one or more exchanges (trading platforms) is an essential factor for the usability of lasercoin.The lasercoin is currently listed here:


Truly Decentralized Exchange

With Lasercoin, users can securely and anonymously exchange Ethereum and many other coins through an exchange. It also provides low-level APIs for integration. Saturn.network is a trading platform for ERC20 tokens on which Lasercoin can be traded easily and conveniently.

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Get new coins as an early ICO investor

Investing in new ICOs allows for high rebate bonuses. With lasercoin you can achieve high value increases by new digital currencies. Invest in an existing business. By purchasing the Lasercoin (ERC20 token) you participate in the worldwide sales of the Lasercoin project.

Wallet App Coming Soon!

The Lasercoin Wallet App enables cost-effective sending and receiving of Lasercoin. Buying and trading Lasercoin is also possible with the app. The app will soon be available for IOS and Adroid.

With the Lasercoin App for IOS and Adroid you get the following Benefits:

  • Easy access to the Lasercoin wallet
  • No extra fees
  • Effective news circulation
  • Easy deposit and withdrawl money
  • Secure trading and transaction

Frequently Asked Question

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Lasercoin are business shares in the form of a decentralised currency that are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Lasercoin can be purchased directly here on the ICO homepage or traded for other coins on various decentralized trading platforms.

Lasercoin has very low transaction fees, is connected worldwide and in the most secure and transparent financial system of our time.

Since you are there from the beginning you get special prices when buying Lasercoin.

Lasercoin can currently be traded for hundreds of different cryptocurrencies on saturn.network/exchange.

To keep Lasercoin safe, we recommend the secure and world-famous Trustwallet app for Android and iOS

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